What To Do For Gout-Treatment & Remedies For Attack

What To Do For Gout?

It’s the question I get asked the most when it comes to gout. That and the other one – What is gout? (Funny how people react when you tell them what you do!)

There is a lot of confusing stuff out there on the internet of what to do for gout.

If you are having a gout attack now, it is essential that you act as quickly as you can.

For gout to happen, you have to have a very friendly body environment for it to even start to attack.

The SPEED of recognizing and dealing with a gout attack makes all the difference between it lasting a few hours to a few weeks!

My longest gout attack lasted six whole weeks and that was on the back of another attack that lasted 4 weeks!

Your really have to stop being friendly to gout and…

Get Gout Hostile! untitledsda

You’ve got to make your body a place that gout just doesn’t like. Somewhere that it finds too difficult to exist in.

There are some basic ingredients that you can find in most supermarkets that can stop gouty arthritis cold.

When you mix these in the right quantities and take them at very specific times you can feel the gout attack melt away in under three hours.

These ingredients work for to make your body hostile to gout for the following main reasons:

1. They stop uric acid from turning into solid crystals and making swollen joints hurt even more.

2. They dissolve the already solid crystals in your joints so that they can be eliminated.

However, there is a definite order and quantity that you have to consume these in to be most effective. Not only that the timing is crucial if you want to maximize their effectiveness

Unfortunately your doctor isn’t allowed due to insurance reasons to suggest these ingredients to you so instead the option is always over the counter gout medicine. Medication for gout is hit and miss and is difficult because of how precisely it has to be administered.

I detail this process which I call the Gout School Gout Stopper in my book. This book has helped countless people all over the world put an end to their gout pain in hours instead of weeks. It will work for you too.


You have to stay hydrated in your gout attack and it is crucial that you do this properly. You need to be drinking plenty of tepid alkaline water to bring the level of cellular activity back up and enable the elimination of waste. Water is a very important part of you, after all your body is made of between 70% -90% water!

Without enough water, your kidneys must work much, much harder to do their job in extreme cases of long term gout sufferers uric acid kidney stones are very real potential problem.


You have to eat even on a gout attack. You can’t go without food even though what to eat for gout might be a scary thing for you since it is often food that brings on gout attacks. There really is a lot you can eat but for now these ones will help turn your system into a gout destroying machine.

  • watermelon
  • cherries
  • pineapple
  • celery


You’ve got to breathe properly. Breathing oxygenates your blood and makes it easier for your body to function at a higher rate. Breathing is extremely important for gout because it loads you up with alkalizing oxygen and also helps relieve pain. But most people are too weak to breathe properly. The muscles needed for proper breathing can be developed through practice, just like an athlete can train their body, you too can train your breathing muscles.

Tips for proper breathing:

Sit up straight or lie down straight.

Close your eyes

Focus on breathing out as hard as you can. This should make your stomach muscles clench inwards as you breathe out. Repeat this many, many times.

Breathing and blood oxygen are vitally important in gout recovery but knowing how to breathe effectively and properly is not something many people know. I really do suggest you check out “Optimal Breathing Mastery Kit” to find out exactly how to breathe fully, and how to develop the body muscles needed to do it.
Optimal Breathing Self Help Mastery Kit

Heat Things Up

Using Epsom salts in a warm / hot foot bath can bring rapid relief as it opens up blood vessels and lets the blood circulate quicker. The Epsom salts are also a very alkalizing substance and can soak into the skin to provide instant relief.


Take it from me, I know sleep can be almost impossible if you are in gout pain, but you have to try. When you are asleep your body relaxes fully and this enables a lot of the healing your body needs to be done. If you can’t sleep then keep your gout up preferably above the level of your heart to limit the blood flow to the area.

Stay Gout Hostile

The best way to make sure you are out of gout for good is to create a body that is hostile to gout.

The old proverb `Prevention is better than cure’ is so true with gout.

Gout can only thrive and exist when your body is in a gout friendly state so if you learn to stay gout hostile you will never suffer another attack.  I suffered through gout attacks for almost a decade before I finally figured out how to beat gout. Now it’s been many years since I had a gout attack. I love being gout free and the confidence that comes with it is amazing.

If you want to be gout free and loving it just like me then I really do suggest you get my book: Stop Your Gout Pain Now!

In this book I show you how to wipe out gout in under 6 hours OR LESS and explain steps you can take to be gout free for the rest of your life.