What Is Gout?

footpainIf you’re suffering from a gout attack, you might not be wondering what is gout? In fact, you’re probably thinking something like: How did I do this to myself? I used to kid myself into thinking that I must have stubbed my toe or sprained my ankle but just couldn’t remember doing it.

But if you’re asking `How did I do this to myself?’ instead of asking, what is gout? you’re half way there. Regardless of what you may think, the real answer with gout is YES, you did it to yourself.

But that’s good, because by proper education and understanding you CAN undo it too!


Getting to Grips with Gout Symptoms

Gout, which is often termed as “gouty arthritis” is a medical condition that is usually epitomized by repeat attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis — a red, painful, hot and swollen joint. A gout attack can come on hard in just a few short hours and last for several weeks. If you are new to gout it is best to begin to deal with gout immediately as with every repeated attack the joint damage becomes worse and worse. Essentially a gout attack is where uric acid crystallizes in the blood and soft tissue and causes immense pain and a prolonged inflammatory response.

That is a close enough explanation in medical terms.


Most people get so wrapped up in gout and learning about purine rich foods, uric acid crystals in their joints, drinking too much alcohol and eating too much meat. But all of these things are jsut part of the jigsaw puzzle, not the whole story by any means.

Basically your kidneys which work 24/7 to filter, clean & detoxify your blood just can’t cope with the amount of toxic junk that is in your system. Because of this the uric acid in your blood overwhelms your kidneys and has to go somewhere. The result is gout!

Your kidneys really are amazing organs that are responsible for regulating the PH level of your blood. The PH of your blood is directly affected and made worse by:

  • The food and drinks that you ingest
  • Not breathing well enough to fill up on oxygen
  • Breathing low quality air
  • The strange chemicals and lotions that you put on your skin
  • Metabolic acidity that is created by a lifestyle which is highly stressed.

So all this talk of uric acid being the cause of gout is in actual fact wrong. The uric acid is more like the final attack on your kidneys, rather than the primary cause.

To answer the “what is gout?” question you really have to look at yourself and the life you’re living. You should ask yourself questions like:

  • What have I been eating and drinking recently?
  • Have I done anyhting to get my lungs working today or yesterday?
  • Is the air quality any good?
  • Am I putting a lot of lotions and creams on my skin?
  • Am I thinking positively?

The more you learn about yourself and about your gout, the more your life will change for the better.

The reason most people live a life plagued by gout is that when they get out of the pain of the immediate attack, they forget about gout all together and go back to living that toxic lifestyle that caused the problem to begin with.

Then… WHAM! another gout flare up.

You have to work at gout to get yourself out of this repetitive cycle and make the changes you need to make to live gout and pain free.