What Does Gout Look Like?


A picture really does paint a thousand words, so here you go!

Gout most often attacks in the feet so here are a few examples for you of what gout can and does look like in your feet.


What Does Gout Look Like? This . . .



Maybe you have experienced gout that looks this bad or even worse?


I know I have. I actually bought extra wide shoes at one point so that when I got a gout flare up I could still get a shoe on. It didn’t work though. The gout just kept on swelling!


But I don’t get gout attacks anymore!


Just pictures of gout attacks can make people groan, if they’ve never even suffered from one!

They can also terrify you the gout sufferer and make you feel hopeless and a victim. But that’s not necessary. Gout and your ability to never suffer from another attack as long as you live is well within the realm of possibility for you, with the right education you can kiss it goodbye, GET GOUT GONE FOR GOOD!

Gout does seem to creep up on people and makes them feel like it comes out of nowhere, but that just isn’t true!

Getting the proper understanding and then building a system to stay one, two or more steps ahead of it has rapidly and dramatically improved the quality of my life.


These pictures really are mild compared to some attacks I’ve heard about.

But it’s not just the feet that are affected;

Not to mention the traditional gout site…

But then these pictures really are just tame compared to what tophi look like

What does gout look like?

It looks like a big mess of heat, redness and swelling. But then what it looks like doesn’t even begin to describe how badly it feels. But then if you’re here, reading this you probably already know all about it!

Gout is terrible and it seems like an endless maze of problems. See Gout Stages

But if you get the right education you can get gout out of your life for good.