What Causes Gout?

Even if you are a veteran gout sufferer, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you will have a clear understanding of what causes gout. The amount of information available online is truly confusing unless approached in the right way. The age old thinking of it being just down to purines is well and truly exploded in the book `The Purine Myth’ by Rose Scott.

Essentially when it comes to what causes gout 3 things are mainly responsible:

  • Poor diet and lifestyle

  • Toxins from your everyday environmentwhat causes gout

  • Mental stress

All of these elements can be regulated and altered with but a little effort and determination.

What Causes Gout? – Poor diet & Lifestyle

Anything related to diet or lifestyle is within your control. These two factors are not the easiest thing to get a grip on because they require both education and will power.


… once you have decided to become gout free, making dietary changes to what causes gout in your diet is easy. Making sure you include lots of alkalizing fruit & vegetables is relatively easy.

What Causes Gout? – Toxins From Your Everyday Environment

Toxins from your environment include things in the air, creams and lotions you put on your skin. None of these things may strike you as what causes gout, but then these things are everywhere so measuring their impact on your gout is difficult.

These things might not hurt you when they come in contact with your skin, or while you breathe them in.


…all enter your body and have to be processed via your kidneys. This includes the various chemicals and waxes sprayed onto fruit and vegetables to preserve them. So when you start to question what causes gout in you, think bigger than just food and fluids!

What Causes Gout? – Mental Stress

Mental stress is being acknowledged as a gout inducer. More and more people are associating what causes gout to be more than just physical, but also mental too.

There are many ways to deal with stress, including doing more exercise, getting better sleep and meditation.

For an excellent guide on how to remove stress from your life click here.

Gout and stress are connected because stress triggers or shuts down different functions of your body. Since stress is concerned with negative emotions this means that more acid is produced in the body. This then overloads the kidneys and creates a very gout friendly atmosphere.

what causes gout

 Increasing Your Awareness of What Causes Gout

These days it is natural to assume that the medical profession knows what causes gout, but that is sadly not 100% true.

There is so much old fashioned and confusing information available about what causes gout and doctors spread most of it! Doctors go to med school and get told what gout is and how it is caused.

Very few doctors will have suffered from gout themselves.

Even fewer will ever do experiments of their own into gout.

As a result doctors learn the same information blindly repeated about what causes gout. They learn gout is caused by uric acid which is the result of purines.

This view is just so inaccurate, and disempowering.

As I proved by travelling around Vietnam for 3 months eating purine rich food every day and drinking beer often:

 Purines ARE NOT what causes gout for most people.

This decision that uric acid is what causes gout comes from very old medical science. Uric acid was first linked to gout in 1776, by the Swedish chemist Carl Scheele.

That’s the same year that the USA became an independent country!

Since then it has been almost taken for granted that uric acid is what causes gout.

The link between purines and gout dates back to 1894!

Everything in our lives has improved over the last 120 plus years…

…except for…

…the medical establishment’s advice for the causes of gout.

What causes gout for you is most likely well within your ability to control.

There is enough information on this website alone to give you an accurate understanding of gout. A more accurate understanding than most doctors will ever have!

To Your Bright & Painless Future!