cherries-422468_1280Cherry Juice has been used for centuries to treat gout pain.

Cherries and cherry juice are one of the most well known natural ways of bringing down inflammation and relieving the pain of a gout attack.

Cherries are very high in vitamins both C and A and fiber. Studies show that consistent intake of Vitamin C can help reduce uric acid levels by up to 50 percent, and control inflammation of gout troubled joints.

Cherries are also a very low calorie fruit, only 63 calories for 100g, and have powerful anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory agents.

There have been several studies into gout pain and cherries and the evidence suggests that cherries can reduce uric acid levels. The studies may not be scientifically conclusive but there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence from gout sufferers.

How to Eat Cherries?

Consuming dried cherries, fresh or juiced are all good. Eating about 25 cherries are ten times stronger than aspirin !

Remember here that aspirin is a big NO NO for gout pain relief.

But if you get a gout attack or flare up, how many cherries should you eat?

Some suggest that 30 to 40 every 4 hours is advisable during a gout attack and the same amount daily for prevention reasons; or simply eat minimum a cup of fresh or dried cherries after each meal, which is very effective for the pain treatment.

About 20 cherries equal 25 milligrams of anthocyanins, your daily dose 🙂

Cherry juice, black cherry juice or tart cherry juice twice a day or 2 tablespoons of concentrated cherry powder with one cup of water. All are effective for gout relief.

The reason that cherries are so effective for dealing with gout pain is that they are extremely potent containers of anti-oxidants and anthocyanins. These two compounds are the heavyweight heroes for anti-aging and disease prevention. The reason they are so good for this is that they help to mop up free radicals.

Without getting too scientific here, free radicals are essentially the bad guy in the cowboy movie that goes round just shooting the place up. They essentially attack healthy tissues within your body and start causing damage. With gout that means that your kidneys are the organs suffering damage from free radicals.

Where do free radicals come from?

Many sources such as the environment in which we live, the food we eat, things we drink, air we breathe, cosmetics etc. As these free radicals attack our kidneys it makes it harder for them to filter out the uric acid from your blood. As a result with decreased kidney function comes increased uric acid concentration in your blood which is a recipe for gout.

In order to empower your kidneys to eliminate as much uric acid as possible cherry juice and fresh cherries both pack a power punch. The reason that cherries are the king here is that they are absolutely full of the anthocyanin type of anti-oxidants and it is these that help lower uric acid levels.

It is worth noting that overloading with cherries has no greater value than eating a reasonably sized portion as previously mentioned daily. The binge mentality for medical treatment is something that ensures people keep getting sick rather than maintaining their health.