As most gout sufferers are aware, high levels of uric acid in the blood can and often does mean a gout attack is coming. There are various ways to naturally try to lower your uric acid levels these include:

  • Eating less red meat
  • Avoiding dried beans
  • Cutting out mushrooms
  • Avoiding shellfish
  • Avoiding offal
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables

These practical changes in diet are not always that easy to stick to.

One of the ways to effectively keep an eye on your uric acid levels is to purchase a home uric acid testing kit.

How Does A Uric Acid Test Work?

A home uric acid testing kit works in pretty much the same way that a test done at a hospital works. The uric acid test involves pricking your finger to get a drop of blood. This is then put in a testing strip which is inserted into the testing machine. The machine then analyzes your blood and gives you a reading of the amount of uric acid in your blood. Normal levels of uric acid are 3-7.2 mg/dl for men and 2-6mg/dl for women.

Why Should You Test for Uric Acid?

Testing for uric acid is important when you experience swelling or joint pain, or if you have experienced gout attacks before. Gout is often a recurring health problem due to lifestyle. Being able to see whether you are in danger of suffering a gout attack allows you to take preventative steps to reduce your uric acid levels.

As the old adage says: `Prevention is better than cure’ and with gout this is especially true. A gout attack can leave you unable to walk, work or enjoy life for anything from a few days to several weeks.

Uric Acid Testing Kits

UASure Gout Monitoring Kit

This gout monitoring starter kit from UASure is a robust and reliable product that can be used at home easily. It uric-acid-testercomes with 25 strips to test for high uric acid levels. This is the first tester kit to be handheld and is simple to use. The monitor has accurate readings as indicated by the majority of users. The positive aspects for this tester are:

  • Quick Testing Time
  • Only Requires a Small Sample of Blood
  • Comes with 5 Testing Strips
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Reasonably priced at $59.99


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Easy Touch Monitoring System 3 in 1easytouch_large

This is not just a uric acid tester, but also allows you to test your glucose and cholesterol levels. It is effective and can be used on a daily basis. It takes 6 seconds for your uric acid level results to appear on the monitor. On the down side, this monitor only comes with 10 testing strips for uric acid. Some users have commented that the readings are sometimes inaccurate and that it is difficult to get the blood into the reader. It is more expensive than the other uric acid testing kits, but for a 3-in-1 testing kit it is reasonably priced.

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Easilife 3 in 1 Test Digital Meter Systemeasylife3in1_large

This 3-in-1 test meter from Easilife works in a similar way to the Easy Touch Monitoring System. It can be used to measure your uric acid, cholesterol and blood glucose levels. All of these features are good and can be used to monitor your health. However, it is supplied with only a few test strips and there are problems with finding refill test strips according to the review on Amazon. With this said the product is easy to use and can store between 50-200 tests in its memory. The replacement strips though are slightly more expensive than those for other monitors.

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Uric Acid Testing Kits – Closing Thoughts

Buying a uric acid testing kit is something that any long-term sufferer of gout should consider. The advantage of being able to view your uric acid level is simply that you can avoid the pain of a gout attack. Buying a uric acid testing kit brings peace of mind and enables you to keep enjoying life without the inconvenience that gout brings. Of the many products on the market, only the UASure tester is solely for monitoring uric acid. This makes it a cheaper option than those that have multi-function testing for glucose or cholesterol. All uric acid testing kits come with test strips and replacement strips are also available on amazon.

While these tests can help an individual monitor their uric acid levels, it is still important to follow the advice of your doctor and seek medical help when a gout attack begins.