toe skelUric Acid

Uric acid is always seen as the bad guy by gout sufferers, but I don’t really think that this is true.

I’m not suggesting that the uric acid is not responsible because it certainly is the thing that crystallizes and causes us pain. But it is only the end part of a very long chain of events that have to go wrong on a consistent basis to enable the acidic gout friendly atmosphere.

Uric Acid Gout

It really is more about kidney function and habitual behavior than it is about the uric acid itself. The easy thing for a doctor to do is look in to your body, find a chemical and blame that chemical. This is the `scientific’ approach to gout.

There really are 2 choices when it comes to uric acid and that is whether the uric acid crystals are eliminated quickly enough or whether we have too many of them being produced.

Obviously if our kidneys are too slow to eliminate the uric acid crystals then this will lead to a build up that eventually overwhelms your body and causes your gout.

This is the real problem for most people:

uric acid is not eliminated quickly enough because we are busy munching, drinking or living amongst things that are toxic to our bodies.

As I mention elsewhere on the site, gout is such a painful condition because when the uric acid crystals stick in the joints the body sends out white blood cells to combat them.

The problem is that the uric acid crystals are so sharp that they pierce and destroy the blood cells causing the advanced swelling and pain.

Doctors will only ever really be able to answer the gout cause with what they learn in med school, and unfortunately that means a whole lot about pharmacology and not a lot about nutrition.


What You Can Do

The pharmaceuticals that are used to beat(?) gout are really just masking the deeper problem of your body crying out for an end to the distress it is being caused by how you live.

If you are a chronic gout sufferer, and you use medications then continue to do so. They serve a purpose, but will always ensure that they are the master and you are the slave.

It is entirely possible to beat gout through natural methods, but it is slow because at the end of the day your tissues are soaked in uric acid that is deposited there daily.

Not only that, we are all creatures of habit and we may start out with the best of intentions to get rid of our gout, but it requires diligence, commitment, a whole lot of understanding and above all respect for your body and your gout.

If you do decide to educate yourself properly for gout, what you’ll find is that the quality of your life will improve and then you should be able to scale down your medication.

What you need to do is put together a plan of action to alkalize your body and take back control of your lifestyle. If you have had enough of waking up in the middle of the night in pain, or calling in sick because of gout, then this plan and decision to learn what you need to learn will be vital to your gout free future.