The Gout Dog

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Do you have a gout dog?

20161015_192832Sounds a bit silly doesn’t it, but if you suffer from gout attacks and high uric acid levels, perhaps a gout dog could help you. I myself have a North Korean dog breed called a Pungsan / Poongsan dog. She’s beautiful and bites chews and eats everything, but she certainly helps get me moving every day.

Gout is caused by many things such as bad diet and lack of exercise. A gout dog might be just the thing to get you moving. It has been proved that if you are overweight there is a higher chance of gout attacks. So if you’ve tried and failed to get yourself to the gym, then getting your own gout dog may well be the right decision to stop flare ups and pain from swollen joints.

One of the keys to lowering uric acid levels and reducing the chances of a gout attack is regular exercise. But then a lot of us don’t have the time or inclination to sign up at a gym. Walking your gout dog twice or three times a day can easily help you get the blood moving, as you clock up a few extra kilometers outside in the fresh air.

Oxygenation of blood is also very important so regularly going for walks helps this too.

Perhaps you are stressed out with work? Stress has also been revealed to be a gout trigger as high levels of stress 20160912_084310put additional pressure on the workings of your internal organs. Pets and dogs in particular are great for dealing with stress. Not only when you pet them but also just the time it gives you to escape from work and problems as you walk with them.

Not only that but getting up early to walk your gout dog is a great opportunity to listen to your body and feel if there is any swelling in joints or tenderness that might indicate a gout attack is on the way.


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