Footwear for Gout – Get Your Gout Shoes Out!

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Footwear for Gout

If you suffer from gout ideally you should be resting up until the uric acid crystals have dissolved and your swollen joint have gone back to normal. Unfortunately, most of us have jobs and lives to live. We have to go into work, however painful it may be. I mean we have bills to pay and work to do right?

So what is the best footwear for gout?

I found over the years that there are two basic things to bear in mind when selecting footwear for gout attacks. My job was as a teacher which meant that I had to not only stand up a lot, but also had to dress quite formally too.

Ditch the Heels

Footwear for GoutMy first decision about footwear for gout was to ditch heals. Not that I used to walk around in a pair of high heel stilettos or anything!


But the slight incline that a heel in a man’s shoe provides, disperses the pressure over the joints differently than a flat shoe. I found that by choosing a style that had a very flat sole, the pain was not increased by the shoe itself.

Even with flatness as the aim here, you should still consider cushioning important. Footwear for gout should ideally have a thick cushioned sole as this will protect your feet from the impact of walking. Sports shoes like sneakers or tennis shoes may well be good here.

Buy Extra-Wide

One great thing you can do to prepare for a gout attack is to buy extra-wide footwear for gout. Many stores have extra-wide shoe sizes and if not the internet can certainly be of help here. I bought a pair of extra-wide formal work shoes in my usual size, and they were great for coping with the swollen foot.

One of the big things with gout is that any pressure does affect the pain levels. So by having a pair of extra-wide shoes for work, yes you will still hobble, but you will not be pushing those uric acid crystals into your soft tissue as much

Loose Socks

Are socks footwear for gout? I think so!loose socks

I used to wear hand made knitted wool socks. As these were very loose and were great for using when I simply couldn’t miss work. Other things you can do is buy socks in bigger sizes, and this way you can relieve the pressure on your toes.

Stand on the Backs

Another thing I used to do was to stand on the back of the shoe. What I mean by this is I bent down the leather of the shoe so that I could just slip my foot in and out, without having to bend my ankle. This was pretty useful as it meant I could easily take my foot out of the shoe and help to relieve the pain a little just like a slipper.

Now obviously, the best thing is not to get a gout attack at all, but if you do suffer then being able to relieve any pain that the shoes are causing you is always welcome!

To Your Bright and Gout Free Future,

~ Jim



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