Gout Treatment

Basically you have a choice when it comes to gout treatments and that choice is simple:smart-725843_1280

React or Prevent

Reactionary treatment

This means that you choose not to deal with the warning signs that your body is giving you with your gout condition and instead decide to go the pharmaceutical route. Going this route means that a lot of the problems with your body are set to build up because your overall diet, lifestyle and system is too acidic.

For reactionary treatment, the choice of drugs that doctors have are really designed to manage the pain that has been allowed to develop and to try and calm down the uric acid production:

Allopurinol – a very difficult drug to get the dose right for and getting on and coming off it can be extremely painful with gout attacks almost guaranteed to happen. Once on Allopurinol, you are effectively on it for life. If you forget to take it for a couple of days don’t be surprised if it suddenly feels like an elephant in stilettos has stamped on your foot!

Colchicine – A powerful, but quite toxic anti-inflammatory that is used more as a measure for dealing with acute attacks as they happen than for long term care.

Preventative Treatment

Prevention is always better than cure – an old proverb and never truer than with gout.

Gout is a totally preventable condition if you choose not to rely on the pharmaceuticals and just go straight ahead with saving your life.

The best way to prevent a gout attack is to create a hostile environment for gout and this means that you should focus on using your diet in the battle. You are what you eat and you want to be alkaline.

This means lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and plenty, and I mean PLENTY of alkaline rich water.

Herbs and spices can also help with herb such as turmeric being well known as arthritis aids.

Supplements from health stores are a wise choice especially for the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K but B & C should be available to you in all the fresh fruit and vegetables that you will eat.

In recent years green drinks and smoothies have become very popular and Gout School highly recommend a green shake that incorporates green powders such as wheat grass or spirulina.

Preventative Treatment is the best choice but requires education, will power and commitment.

Fortunately the Gout School course not only provides you with all the gout information that you need to win, but also the psychological edge too. Integral to becoming gout free is developing superior habits and that isn’t easy. The Gout School programme is committed to providing you with all the tools needed to persist and achieve freedom from pain and worry.

Prevention or reaction – one will save your life, the other will eek it along.