Tophaceous gout, tophiTophaceous Gout

Tophaceous gout is a chronic condition. This is where uric acid crystals deposit themselves in the soft tissues of the body. Unlike a regular gout attack which causes swollen joints, tophaceous gout attacks soft tissue as a general rule.


These deposits grow and are called tophi which are harmless at first. Tophi usually don’t cause significant problems. That is until they grow and cause damage or restriction to a joint. When this happens the joints will become swollen.

Unlike a usual gout attack which happens suddenly and then disappears, tophaceous gout sticks around.

The behaviour of tophi is kind of like a tumor in behaviour as it doesn’t go away.

Instead tophi stay in place and continue to grow.

But there is more to tophaceous gout than just pain:

  • Tophaceous gout looks horrible like in the picture above.
  • Just like a regular gout attack, tophaceous gout damages your joints.
  • The uric acid crystals just keep piling up. This is what creates this gouty freakshow.
  • If left untreated the disfiguring lumps of tophaceous gout will eventually break through the skin.
  • When this happens there is a very real risk of infection.
  • It is also usually at this point that they become much more painful.

It is for all of these reasons that tophi should be removed as quickly as possible.

If left to grow tophaceous gout poses overall health threats to other organs in your body. Notably the kidneys and also the liver and heart are other danger areas too.

Tophaceous GoutTophaceous gout usually presents in the fingers and toes (classic gout attack areas). It can also present in the wrists and elbows. Tophi also form as little horny outcrops on the ears.

This is a usual dead giveaway that somebody has gout.

Surgery can remove tophi quite efficiently and the sooner they are extracted, the lesstophaceous gout, tophi damage is done to the body.

Tophaceous gout is perhaps the worst of all gout problems.

This is simply because people delay treatment. Removing tophi is something that many people just don’t do. They live with it until it is causing damage to other areas which starts to hinder their quality of life.

To Your Bright and Gout Free Future,