Don’t Let Stress Trigger Any More Gout Attacks!


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Stress Destroyers

Packed full of innovative tips and advice on how to avoid and remove stress, Stress Destroyers is the book to bring calm and control back into your life.
Stress is a positive force in most people’s lives. It forces us to develop, grow and improve whether it is at work or home we can use stress to push us forward.
However, stress is also a negative and destructive force if left to work on you in the wrong way. It is one of the biggest factors tht causes gout and is little acknowledged by the medical community. By getting your mental realm in order, and removing your stress you will begin to remove gout causing situations from your life!
Just as you can use stress to improve an aspect of your life, it can also use you.
Stress can and will control your way of thinking, acting and feeling if YOU LET IT.
For gout stress interferes with the immune system and organ function and this can be offset by taking the right amount of supplements as well as developing proactive stress management habits.
You will learn how to prioritise your responses to pressures from work and family and how to shift your focus to winning rather than suffering gout flare up after gout flare up.

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