Purines are not evil. Even though as a gout sufferer you will most likely have been told that they are. The fact is that purines are in every food you can possibly eat so to blame purines for your gout and to relegate certain foods because of the purine content is an act born of fear, not from understanding.


Some foods do have higher purine contents than others this much is true. If you want to rid yourself of gout, you must look to avoid purine rich foods for a little while. The fact is that as your liver produces uric acid as a result of processing the purines in the food you eat.

There is much more technical work that we could do here, but to be honest it wouldn’t help you with your gout. That seems to be the stumbling block of many gout sufferers. They get all hung up on knowing minute details about how their bodies handle purines and uric acid etc. without really seeing the big picture. They get bogged down by the technicalities.

The fact is at least for me that it is not how much purines are in what you eat that matters so much as how they are cooked, and how often you eat them.

I ran a 3 month long experiment eating all sorts of purine rich food everyday while I was travelling around Vietnam and I know for a fact that the way the food was cooked and the amount of fresh food I was eating was more important than the purine content of the beef or the shellfish that I was eating.

With this said, I don’t suggest that you go out and try and do the same and rid yourself of gout.

My body was taking in lots of alkalizing material at the same time.

It is important that you not only know what is in the food that you are eating but that you are responsible and sensible about how to counteract the acidity. Your aim should be to develop knowledge of not only purines but alkali foods and build out a system from there.

Then after awhile of working your system you can eat pretty much what you like, because you will know what you can eat and you will actually prefer to eat healthily instead of existing on a diet of meats, grease and acid forming foods.

Purines are given a bad rap, but a lot of none purine rich foods also create acidity in your body and it is for this reason that purines alone are not the evil that they have been made out to be.

As always, it’s about education.