fish-214850_1280Purine rich foods are so often touted as the cause of gout.

The logic is quite simple:

Uric acid causes gout and purines increase the amount of uric acid, because as your liver metabolizes purines, uric acid is produced.


However, as mentioned elsewhere, too much uric acid is only one factor in gout. It is the impaired elimination of uric acid that is the cause of the hyperuricemia in 90% of people.

With this said, purine rich foods are not the greatest gift you can give to your body. The reason? Well unless you have a very good grasp on gout and a well understood, regimented and applied system for balancing out the uric acid, high purine foods will overwhelm your system.

The UK Gout Society lists purine rich foods as follows:

  • High purine foods include: (avoid)
  • Offal – liver and kidneys, heart and sweetbreads
  • Game – pheasant, rabbit, venison
  • Oily fish – anchovies, herring, mackerel, sardines, sprats, whitebait, trout
  • Seafood – especially mussels, crab, shrimps and other shellfish, fish, roe, caviar
  • Meat and Yeast Extracts – Marmite, Bovril, commercial gravy
  • Beer and other alcohol


In addition to these other high purine foods include:

Mushrooms, spinach, chickpeas, dried beans, cauliflower


While this list is not exhaustive, it gives a good starter for immediate things to limit or remove from your diet when it comes to trying to lower uric acid levels and steer clear of gout.

With this said, avoiding purine rich foods is not necessary once your body’s system is running on a highly alkali diet. After a few weeks of developing the right, hostile gout atmosphere your uric acid levels should not be overly troubled by the occasional beer or plate of seafood.

But, it is essential that you have a lifestyle system that ensures your body gets sufficient alkalizing fresh fruit, vegetables and drinks.

If you want to keep gout under control you should focus on adding more of the following to your diet:

  • vegetables: broccoli, celery, onions
  • fruits: apples, avocados, bananas, lemons
  • protein: chicken, yogurt, tofu, eggs
  • spices: cinnamon, turmeric, sea salt, ginger
  • other: apple cider vinegar, fresh green juices and smoothies, green tea, mineral water