How To Quit Smoking For Life

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If you smoke, then you will get more gout attacks than if you don’t.

It’s that simple!

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How To Quit Smoking For Life

If you’re reading this then that means you’ve probably failed in your attempt too!

Quitting and failing are both parts of the process of addiction. Every smoker is an addict and addiction needs to be understood if you want to quit for good.

There are so many quitting aids on the market – gum, patches, vapour cigarettes etc. But they don’t solve the addiction problem – they replace it.

This is the most basic situation that most smokers face as they try to give up tobacco – and it is also the reason people fail.
I should know I smoked for twenty years and tried to quit for about 19 of those years.

In other words, I was unsuccessful for 19 years!

I tried gum, patches, gum & patches at the same time, vapour cigarettes, herbal cigarettes etc. But still the feeling of panic would get me if I couldn’t get that nicotine fix when I wanted it. This always led to me lighting up again.

Does this sound familiar to you?

There is a very huge difference between knowing you should stop smoking and stopping. We all know that smoking causes health problems. We all know we shouldn’t smoke but still we keep on puffing away.

It doesn’t matter what our loved ones say, or what the doctor tells us or any of those things, the addiction is so strong it overrides our common sense.

However, once you understand addiction and habit, you too can choose to quit for life.

Everything changes when you know why you’re addicted.

As I started to focus on understanding how tobacco was controlling me, within weeks I was smoke free.
That was over 4 years ago now and, well to be honest it was quite easy!

I went from 20+ cigarettes a day to zero, with no relapses or problems.

It really is a simple five step process and once you understand addiction, you too can be smoke free for life!


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