Natural Remedies

If you’ve had gout for a while, and you’ve had an internet connection, then you’ll probably know these remedies or at least most milkthistletopof them. The problem I always find is that on forums you always get conflicting opinions.

The fact is that some of these work for some people. It really is a case of trial and error.

But then trial and error is painful and takes a long time!

Anyway here they are for you to decide for yourself. Maybe you’ve never heard of these before, if so give them a go!

Okay so lets get this list going!

  • Baking Soda – The recent craze over this as the gout cure is quite understandable. It is very effective at alkalizing your body and quickly injecting some much needed PH balancing love into your body!


  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is perhaps the oldest of all natural remedies for gout. Throughout history ACV has been said to cure so many diseases of the body, that it might be the most important thing to put on your shopping list! It rapidly helps alkalize your body.


  • Epsom Salts – A good soak in a long tub can of Epsom salts can relieve sore muscles after too much hard work. But they can also help your gout too. They soak right through the skin and get to the location of the problem. If you do have a hot bath though it’s important that you make sure to top up your hydration levels afterwards as the hot water will make you sweat.


  • Milk Thistle – Often gout sufferers are full on sluggish in the liver department. While your kidneys do most of the heavy lifiting when it comes to cleaning out your blood, the liver helps too. Milk thistle is great for improving liver function which is essential if you want to get gout out. For more information about milk thistle click below:

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No list would be complete without…

  • Cherries – Tart Cherry Juice is just full of good stuff to make your gout get out. The antioxidants – flavonoids and anthocyanins – are the main compounds of cherries and cherry juice that make good at relieving the pain of gouty arthritis.

There are many other ones out there in internet land too. Happy hunting!

In your fight against gout natural remedies can remove your gout pain…now