For the majority of gout sufferers they will at some point be advised by their doctor to go on a low purine diet. Talk about depressing! A low purine diet is like deciding to put your taste buds and appetite in prison and throw away the key. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that eating fruit and vegetables is bad for gout – in fact it’s the exact opposite, fruit and vegetables are great for gout, but you, me and all the people moaning about gut on Facebook need to have proteins, fats and other stuff which we get from purine rich foods.
Obviously if you are going through gout hell then you SHOULD restrict your purine consumption until the gout storm has passed, but to permanently put yourself on a low purine diet is not  healthy thing to do.
Not only that but a low purine diet will most definitely NOT get rid of your gout, or your tendency to get gout attacks. To really get rid of gout and stay rid of gout you have to get a solid grasp on the big picture of gout.
With all this said, foods generally lower in purines can be seen as:
🙂 Proteins: tofu, eggs, nuts, and raw dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt).
🙂 Veggies: all vegetables are good for gout, raw is better than cooked and celery is a super gout destroyer
🙂 Fruits: Every FRESH fruit is good for gout, but bananas, cherries, other berries are especially good. .
🙂 Drinks: ionized water is excellent and can be improved by adding apple cider vinegar, green tea is a super beverage for gout too!

The Low Purine Concept

It makes sense doesn’t it?
Purines cause gout and you should limit how many purine rich foods you eat to help avoid gout attacks.
This is all very nice, but really isn’t that simple. The gout attack is the result of many factors and all of these factors YOU can fix if you get the right education. However, your doctor can’t sell you drugs for most of these factors and as a result our understanding of gout is kept within a very narrow band of what causes it and what we can do about it.
Not only that there are so many sources out there online that have such confusing and contradicting lists of which foods are high in purines and which ones aren’t.
I myself travelled around Vietnam for 3 months eating all sorts of fantastic `purine rich foods’, drinking beer and having a great time – but no gout attacks. If you want to see some of the awesome foods, click here.
The reason for this is not because I avoided purine rich foods, but because I have made my system very gout hostile that I can enjoy pretty much any food I like in moderation and it doesn’t have to be once in a blue moon either. I regularly enjoy meat, shellfish and many other purine rich foods because I have increased my understanding of the true causes of gout.
You too can release yourself from the gout prison and the gout cycle of ignorance which has you suffering, reacting and then returning to your same old gout causing ways.