Is Exercise Good For Gout?

We all know that we should do more exercise. But it’s so easy to make excuses and suddenly is exercise good for gout?you’re out of time. Online there is so much conflicting advice addressing the question `Is Exercise Good For Gout?’ that it can leave you confused, afraid and demotivated.

But exercise is important especially if you suffer from gout.

Exercise improves stamina, alters the condition of your body, helps alter mood and attitude and brings much needed detoxification of all of your muscle tissues and bodily organs. It helps you lose weight, reduces stress, improves blood flow and much more!

Exercise is such a huge subject but it basically breaks down into:

  • resistance work
  • cardiovascular work
  • range of motion work
  • flexibility work

The problem for a lot of gout sufferers is that their body weight and shape is one of the reasons that they have gout. Most people become overweight because they eat the wrong things and don’t do enough to burn off those things that they eat.

When I was studying for my personal training qualification one of the key things pointed out about the obesity epidemic, diabetes, and all other modern medical conditions was this:

It is not just eating more food that makes us unhealthy, out of shape and sick. It is the lifestyle we live where we don’t use the nutrients that we take in that causes our health problems.

So ask me again – Is Exercise Good For Gout?


One of the big reasons I started to get gout was because of just these factors. I’d let myself get too big and too unfit.

This was even though I am a qualified personal trainer!

Sounds nuts doesn’t it, but I had a traffic accident and couldn’t exercise for over a year. By the time I was able to do more exercise I was well and truly out of the habit!

Everything had changed in that year – my eating habits, my living habits and my thought patterns.

Getting back into exercising was not easy I tried and tried but it just didn’t happen, until one day I made a decision to get fit. Not to look great but because I understood the key role that exercise has in controlling / eliminating gout.

It can seem like a huge mountain to climb when we first even think about starting an exercise regime, but you simply have to get active. If you are searching the net looking to find the answer to that question `Is Exercise Good For Gout?’ Then I’m telling as an ex gout sufferer and qualified personal trainer that the answer is yes now GET OFF YOUR BUTT!

Is Exercise Good For Gout?Exercises increases the flow of oxygen rich blood around your body. With this said what would be strenuous exercise for one person may not be strenuous at all for another. Everybody is different and because of this you need to be sensible about how much you try and do.

My advice is to start slow and build up. You need to develop a routine of exercise. One of the easiest ways is just to walk instead of drive places. A lot of us are very lazy and drive short distances when we could easily walk. If you took twenty minutes of your lunch break and just walked for ten minutes one way and then turned around, that’d be twenty minutes done!

Getting up an hour earlier and going for a walk or joining a gym might help.

If you need motivation to exercise you could get a dog. Dogs need walking so that they don’t mess in the house, so you could spend twenty minutes a day taking the dog for a walk.

It doesn’t matter how you start it only matters that you start.

Plan to be more active and follow through on those plans, the more you move, the less gout attacks you’ll have.

The more you exercise, the fitter you’ll be and the longer you’ll be around on the planet to see your kids or grandkids or great grandkids!



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