How to Stop Gout Pain in just HOURS!

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how to stop gout pain


Stop Your Gout NOW!

The ULTIMATE guide on how to stop gout pain in LESS THAN 4 HOURS


I’ve lost count of how many gout attacks I’ve had that made me tremble and shake and shiver in pain.
I’ve had gout in my fingers, toes, knees, ankles, calf muscles, Achilles tendons, ribs and wrists. I know exactly what it is like to be almost pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to stop gout pain.
I’ve quite literally limped along for the best part of a decade taking drugs and trying all sorts of different formulas to try and get rid of gout. Does this sound familiar?

Are you still wishing you knew how to stop gout pain?

I’m not going to pretend to you that there is a magic cure for how to stop gout pain – because that’s just a load of bulls*(t!
But when it comes to understanding how to stop gout pain fast my 7+ years of painful research into gout left me with a very effective formula.
I’m not going to pretend it’s a scientific break through.
It’s not a wonder drug or miracle cure like so any companies out there offer.
Instead it is a formula that will show you how to stop gout pain IMMEDIATELY. If you read through the book it will explain exactly how to stop gout pain fast. It will give you an understanding of gout that will reduce your amount of future attacks. Guaranteed. taken as directed and get you well on the way to being back to normal in under 4 hours.
I’ve tried it all, cutting out the alcohol, the beef, lamb, chicken, beans everything by trial and How to stop gout painerror. You don’t have to go through all that long, painful learning like I did!
I’ve spent literally thousands of hours studying, learning and getting to understand gout. After over 7 years of suffering I hit on the answer. I developed a formula that works and I’ll explain how it works in this book.
It doesn’t just work in me but in everyone. I’ve written ebooks, consulted with doctors, travelled to seminars, coached other gout sufferers through recovery and have taught other how to stop gout pain in just a few hours, where before nothing was working.
I’ve discussed gout with western and oriental doctors and taken treatments from both schools of thought.
Not to mention that I’ve helped countless people – JUST LIKE YOU– get out of their gout pain.

how to stop gout pain


Jim, thanks a lot man. I had been limping & gimping around the house for a week until I found your site online. Cheers for the book, it certainly made me open my eyes about what was causing my gout. The pain went away fast, but the swelling took a bit longer. Any which way, I am glad you’re doing what you’re doing. Keep up the good fight!


I’ve never had a gout attack go down so quickly. I was not just amazed, I was actually shocked! My wife came home from work and couldn’t believe that I was off the sofa and doing the dishes!


Gout School – I really appreciate all the advice you gave me about how to stop gout pain. My wrists have now regained their full range of motion and my fingers no longer hurt. I really appreciate the videos especially the ones about water and magnetics. I didn’t have any idea that such little things could have such a big effect on my health! I now walk outside barefoot as often as possible. Especially when it’s raining!


Just a quick email to say thanking-YOU!! My gout is gone and I’m back to work (not that I’m too happy about that!) I find the audio programme really effective. I stick it on when I get in the car and then I’m thinking good the whole day. I can’t believe how much more confident I feel about my health now.


how to stop gout pain


How to stop gout pain

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

“I’m so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied that I’ll happily give 100% of your money back ($29.97) if this power-packed, step-by-step guide fails to exceed your expectations with the useful, practical and easy-to-follow information it contains.”

Thanks for your purchase, Jim 




Hey Jim, I’m amazed by how long its been since I had a gout attack! I used to have an attack every couple of months, but it’s been 8 months now and I’m still gout free. Thanks for all the advice, I can’t wait to email again in another 8 months to say it’s been 16!



Hello Gout School, I think your program should be required viewing for all those dumb*)”k doctors that I saw for the best part of 5 years trying to get rid of my gout. I am really angry that I wasted so much money on them, but I’m glad I found your site. I haven’t had such a pain free year since I was in my twenties! Thanks again and if you ever come to Memphis, let me know. Cheers again, Sandy


how to stop gout pain

The only thing you have to lose is the pain.

How to stop gout pain


how to stop gout pain