Is This Thing Hereditary?dna-163466_1280

In all honesty the answer to this question is not set in stone, and certainly is not as clear cut as many people assume it to be.

The concept of genetics is that whatever you will become or suffer from is essentially cast in your genes at birth. However, this understanding of genetics is not only a very young science, but also just a concept that is fashionable at the moment.

Gout may well be inherited through the amniotic fluid, this much is true.

Your cells can only come from one of two places: your mom’s egg or your dad’s sperm. However, this does not mean that these genes with information from your parents have to dominate your life.

The simple fact is that although there may be some programming given to you at the moment of fertilization, it doesn’t necessarily have to be triggered. Gout is not something that you must suffer from just because your dad or uncles have it.

Even if you have the gout DNA, it only really gets active when

YOU create a gout friendly atmosphere.

Research shows that although genetic theory is very convincing, the power we have to alter our genes is held in our minds.

The field of epigenetics is truly fascinating and the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton demonstrates that not only is it possible for our genetic make up to be changed, but it is you as an individual that has this power.

Gout is an acidic problem that is controllable through diet and lifestyle, but is also deletable/muteable through a thorough understanding of how your thoughts control and are able to alter your genes.

Essentially the thoughts that you have carry messages around your body that in turn alter the chemistry within each and every cell. The more you think on something the more you alter the chemistry of the cells in your body.

There have been numerous experiments to test this concept of environment over heredity.

Environment turns out to be extremely important to how a person behaves, his ambitions, belief system, overall mental and physical health, his aspirations and even life expectancy!

With genetic theory the concept is that DNA contains an unchangeable blueprint for what you are ever able to become. In other words if your parents gave you the gout gene, you’re going to get gout. This is a little confusing since scientists openly admit that they have no idea what a huge 80% of the human genome project DNA actually does!

But even if DNA does contain a preprogramme of gout for you, this doesn’t mean that you have to become or remain a gout sufferer.

You have to set your sights higher than looking for a genetic excuse.

After many years of suffering from gout I decided enough was enough. I was not prepared to live in pain and fear and gout anymore.

So I started to study. I started to learn about diet, body and mind and this education developed a real sense of not only power but hope. I set my mind to it and decided to declare all out war on gout. I said to myself as I lay there shaking in pain that I’m not going to suffer from this anymore!

  • I am stronger than this.

  • I can beat gout.

  • I can be healthy and strong and live a life filled with flexible, usable joints.

  • I started to believe in me

One of the main things you have to do is get a system for dealing with gout as is outlined in the book, `How To Spot The Gout Danger Zone’

training-469591_1280This gives practical advice on diet and symptoms and treatment for an emergency attack.

The next is to develop the mind-set to be gout free and stay gout free.

This involves a lot of training to develop healthy, consistent automatic habits, thoughts and actions. All of the years of trial and error that I went through are condensed into the video and audio programme that are available here.

Living gout free is not only possible, but it is fantastic.

When you make the decision to do it, get the right tools to show you the way and your life will get better and better!