Did You Get Gout in 2016?

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Did you get gout in 2016?

For many people that suffer from gout attacks, the idea of not having gout in 2016 may have seemed like an 2016impossibility.

After all gout attacks occur at random or with very few signs and symptoms. This I found years ago to simply not be true, a gout attack gives clues its coming.

Gout does strike out of the blue and often at the most inconvenient time, but there are certainly things that you can do to steer clear of gout.

I approached gout in 2016 as nothing more than an enemy that doesn’t need defeating, but rather needs understanding and then avoiding.

My approach to gout in 2016 was nothing strenuous or difficult, it simply relied on what Mr. Miyagi told Daniel-son in Karate Kid that was:

“The best defense is to not be there.”

So when I approached my gout in 2016 that is exactly what I did.

How I stayed free of gout in 2016

I monitored my intake of food and drink and my output of exercise and breath.

It sounds simple but in this way I managed to avoid gout in 2016 totally.

One of the things I did was ensure that I always drank a lot of fluids. Water is one of my best friends these days and lemon water first thing in the morning gets your day off to a great gout avoiding start.

positive-725842_1280Gout essentially is a result of ignoring certain simple things that you need to do to make sure your kidneys are operating at their optimum level for the expulsion of toxins and uric acid. By regularly ensuring I was drinking enough detoxifying, kidney function boosting foods I could drink alcohol and eat red meat even though these things are gout triggers for many people.

I know everybody has different gout triggers, but we all have kidneys and blood and we all essentially work the same. I also made sure I was keeping a check on my other warning indicators that signal if a gout attack is on its way.

Everybody that gets gout should study their body and learn what it is trying to tell you. I have found that a check list is essential to understanding why you get gout and what your body is trying to tell you. It is similar to the way that a pilot has a checklist before he takes off. He runs through his checklist to make sure all the instruments are working properly and all the safety standards are met. By doing this it helped me immensely in avoiding gout.

Over the years I have become very good at spotting if I’m moving into gout territory and then learning how to avoid it.

I think that the reason I didn’t suffer gout in 2016 was simply because of knowing what my gout indicators are and then making sure I kept checking them.

I hope that you too begin to take an active daily gout fighting stance by recognising what the indicators of a gout attack are and then making sure you take action to not be there!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy Gout free new year!

Here’s to no gout in 2017!

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