Gout in Women

Before menopause 95% of new gout cases are men, but by age 60 gout in women sky rockets!

Gout in WomenWomen account for 50% of all newly diagnosed gout cases. The older women get the more gout prone they seem to become and by the ripe old age of 80, more women get gout than men!

There is more gout in women these days than ever before. For many this is because of poor diet and lifestyle choices, just like it is for men.

For women gout usually becomes more of an issue after the menopause. This is primarily because of the lowered production of estrogen.

Estrogen plays a key role when it comes to gout in women. Estrogen essentially helps women to get the uric acid out of their system. Post menopause though, with the lower estrogen production, the amount of cases of gout in women rises dramatically.

It isn’t necessarily anything to do with a change in diet it really is just because they lose their uric acid slaying hormone.

With Gout in Women unfortunately…

When women do suffer from gout attacks they tend to happen in several joints all at the same time. Not only that but once gout in women starts, the attacks tend to occur more frequently. Males on the other hand have less frequent attacks and usually only in one joint at a time. But the bad news doesn’t stop there.

One other difference with gout in women is that they also start to develop tophi earlier in the gout stages than men.

The other major things about gout in women is that women don’t usually get gout in the same places as men. While men usually suffer gout in the toe or foot or somewhere else low down, gout in women tends to attack in the hands, wrists and fingers.

A higher percentage of women than men can cite a family history of the condition.

As discussed in other parts of the website, high uric acid levels really are the result of just two things:

  • Too much uric acid produced by your body
  • Your body is unable to eliminate the uric acid quickly enough.

Regardless of the hype about purine rich foods it seems that only 10% of gout sufferers have an excess production problem.

Which means that for the majority of gout sufferers, male or female it is an elimination problem. Because of this, focus needs to be put firmly on boosting kidney function rather than just trying to cut out the purines.

A great kidney function booster for gout in women or men can be found here.

Estrogen is the superstar for women in achieving excellent uric acid elimination, until the menopause.

After the menopause, estrogen production drops dramatically and so does the uric acid elimination this is why gout in women seems to attack suddenly and often cripplingly.

What to do About Gout in Women?

book on goutIf you are a woman who has already suffered from at least one gout attack, then you should really look at changing some of your lifestyle choices and focusing on your diet and education.

The gout school audio and video programme is all about developing beneficial habits and raising your level of understanding about gout, your life choices and the potential you have for a disease free future. I encourage you to check it out not just for your gout, but for the prevention of many of the problems that occur as we get older.

Gout in women (or men) really is a warning sign that more trouble is lurking in your future if you don’t act to get your life back on track.

To Your Bright and Pain Free Future!

~ Jim