gout in children and teenagers

Gout in Children and Teenagers

What can I say?

Unless the genetic factor is activating itself much earlier than it has since the ancient Egyptians made a note of gout in 2640BC…

It would appear that something is wrong with what our kids, teens and young people eat, do and how they live. Attacks of gout in children and teenagers are on the rise dramatically and this cannot be put down to anything other than lifestyle and diet.

I know that we hear it all the time from TV shows, lifestyle columns and so on, that the health of our youngsters is sliding down a rather slippery slope, but for attacks of gout in children and teenagers to be happening….

There are only these two causes and nothing else. This is certainly worth remembering if you find yourself blaming your genetics for gout rather than thinking about your lifestyle.

Kids these days are raised on a diet of questionably healthy food, but perhaps more importantly do little to no exercise. Their oxygen uptake is minimal while their refined sugar intake is maximal.

1 + 1 = 2 I’m afraid!

I know these are sweeping generalizations, but the only way that we can be seeing a rise of gout in children and teenagers, is because their organs aren’t working properly.

If a child or a teen is suffering from a disease that affects the kidneys it is through lack of proper dietary control, low oxygen intake and a generally toxic environment.

Make no mistake about it!

If your young ones, or even a young adult you know is suffering from gout it’s time to get a serious grip on their habits as soon as possible if you expect them to live a full and enjoyable life. The damage that gout does to the average male in thirty years is quite extraordinary, but if gout is allowed to start, ten or even twenty years earlier, a living hell would not be too much of an exaggeration.

If you are the parent of a younger person with gout, you should not only educate them, but educate yourself properly.