Gout Hands – OUCH!

Gout hands are extremely painful, just like all gout attacks. while men tend to get their first and many following attacks in their feet, women are the opposite.

Traditionally gout hands are a main concern for post-menopausal women. I say traditionally, because with the change in diet, these days women get gout much more often than they used to.

As women go through the menopause one of the things that changes is the amount of estrogen produced. Estrogen is key when it comes to uric acid control in women and with this reduction in estrogen comes a higher chance of developing gout hands.

Gout hands are very painful and just like the pictures below, with gout handds, more than one joint is often affected at the same time. This is especially true with women.

I myself have had gout in the fingers on my right hand and it became impossible to bend my fingers. One of the additional dangers for gout hands is that as the joint swells removing any rings becomes nearly impossible. If you do begin to suspect that you are developing gout hands then you would be best advised to remove all jewellery before waiting for confirmation.

The Signs and Symptoms of gout hands are similar to any other gout attack:

  • stiffness of the finger / knuckle
  • swelling usually around just the affected joint
  • redness
  • hot to touch
  • shooting pain

Whenever I would suffer from gout attacks in my fingers, I found that the onset was often quite gradual. To check on my finger joints I make sure that I take my rings off daily at least once in the morning and once in the evening. If there is any joint swelling I know that I need to take corrective steps and be vigilant.

Another good test is to clench your fists hard and assess if there is any pain or stiffness.

In some cases for repeat attacks, gout hands develop quite visible tophi. However, in other people they do not. Another great way to check on your suspected gout hand is to interlock your fingers and compare left and right for differences in size and color.

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