Going Vegetarian for Gout

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going vegetarian for goutGoing Vegetarian for Gout

After a few gout attacks you may well consider going vegetarian for gout. I know I did and the results were far from great!

As a meat eater I used to read all about purines and how these should be avoided. After all it’s the purines that cause the high uric acid levels.

These then cause the gout attacks that cause the thoughts about chopping off your foot!

So to just cut out meat completely and go vegetarian may seem like a straight forward solution. After all there aren’t really that many high purine foods in the vegetable world.

However, it isn’t quite that simple.

Going Vegetarian For Gout – Protein

If you consider going vegetarian for gout you have to really figure out where to get your protein from.

Now for ordinary vegetarians this is not a problem they can get it from beans, nuts, tofu, chick peas, lentils, milk, etc. As long as it fits in with their own politics about what being a vegetarian is , they are free to choose their protein sources.

But if you have gout then you have to consider that the majority of your protein will come from beans. Beans are highly acid forming and are also high in purines which means the switch to being a vegetarian may well be more difficult than you think.

Simply cutting out meat isn’t going to be enough.

In the western world most vegetarian dishes rely quite heavily on soy or other bean based proteins and cheese. Now cheese is good for gout. But like everything else, it is only good in moderation. If you are having a big cheesy beany meal once or twice a day then you are really just eating the vegetarian steak equivalent.

Going Vegetarian For Gout – Doing it Right

With all this said there is a huge benefit to going vegetarian if you do it in the right way. I know several modern vegetarians that rarely eat any fresh fruits or vegetables. They get most of their food out of cans and packets.

Instead of meat they eat fake meat, bacon becomes fake-on!going vegetarian for gout

Seriously – a weird messed up way of viewing how to be a vegetarian.

I mean what the hell is that >>>>>>>>>>>>>>???????

If you are serious about going vegetarian for gout you have to make sure that you eat fresh vegetables and fruit rather than just trying to find processed vegetarian options to meat. Salads and soups are okay for a while but you have to really be committed to give up meat.

You have to be creative and vary your protein sources, instead of just beans, beans, beans.

Especially if you don’t like to cook or have a busy lifestyle.

To go vegetarian anyway  requires a lot of commitment, with gout it requires even more.

If you suffer gout it is probably because you love your food.

If that’s the case then buy food that loves you back!

Processed food – vegetarian or otherwise is a gout attack waiting to happen.

Going Vegetarian for Gout – The Less Drastic Alternative

The less drastic alternative to going total veggie with gout is to just make sure you incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into at least two of your meals a day. Fresh organic vegetables and fruit will make your gout think twice about coming back for another attack. It’s simple stuff but these days with mass-media trying to sell us foodstuffs at every opportunity we sometimes forget. The simple act of buying, washing, chopping and eating your own vegetables (cooking is optional) helps beat gout.

To Your Bright and Gout Free Future,


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