Foods For Gout – Eggs

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Foods For Gout – Eggs

foods for goutOne of the best foods for a gout diet is the humble egg. Now this isn’t to say that gout will disappear if you start eating eggs. I don’t mean that at all, eggs are not one of those foods for gout like celery or cherry juice that help to stave off a gout attack. Eggs don’t have magic pain relieving properties when it comes to gout, but do contain lots of good stuff!

Why eggs are one of the top foods for gout:

  • Contain Omega-3 fats
  • Rich in protein
  • Low in purines (which elevate uric acid)
  • Have all B-vitamins (B1-B12)
  • Contain choline, biotin & folic acid
  • Low in calories (2 eggs = 150-180 calories)
  • Great meat substitute
  • Very versatile
  • A great snack

That’s a reasonably long list, but lets have a look at a few of these points.

Rich in protein / low in purines

Most protein rich foods are also high in purines. This is why beef, pork, fish, seafood etc. are foods for gout attacks, not foods for gout freedom! For a list of foods high in purines click here. But with eggs you have a great source of protein that is also not likely to spike your purine levels.

With this said don’t go around munching eggs everyday as snacks. The reason is simple, unless you are lifting heavy weights or doing some other activity where you need a lot of protein to build muscle, the surplus will just become waste – high protein (purine producing) waste.

So limit your intake depending on your activity.

Have all the B-Vitamins

B- Vitamins are essential to healthy cellular activity and as a result eggs help keep you topped up on all of these.


Women need around 425mg and men need around 500mg of choline daily. Choline is vital for healthy cell membranes, and your average egg helps provide around 100mg of this. If your cell membranes are damaged, free radical build up occurs and when this happens gout is not far away!

Meat Substitute

Going vegetarian can often cause gout attacks. The reason for this is because meat is often replaced by beans as foods for gout. The naïve belief being that bean protein is healthier. Not true when it comes to gout!  I tried this myself and had one of the worst attacks ever!

Eggs are a much better meat substitute though


You can use them for so many things, they are portable, a great sandwich filling or a snack just on their own!


foods for goutCooking Your Eggs

When it comes to eggs there are lots of ways to go – fry, poach, steam, smoke, boil, scramble etc.

However if you want to maximise this as one of your foods for gout, you should either boil or poach your eggs.

Over the past decade plus of TV health gurus we have been told that the yolk is bad and the white is good.

This is true if all you are looking for is the protein and to cut out fat.

If you think of an egg, it is a complete set of nutrients for something (in this case a chicken) to begin to grow. The egg white has the protein but the egg yolk has:

  • fat
  • omega 3
  • carotenoids
  • vitamins A, B5, B6, B12D, E, K
  • folate
  • choline
  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • zinc
  • copper
  • iron
  • manganese

The other myth about cooking is that frying in olive oil will somehow make it healthy. Frying increases free radicals and these eventually overload your cells and cause disease.

So boil / poach your eggs and eat the yolk!

What eggs should you buy?

Well think about it, the egg is made up of whatever the chicken has eaten, how stressed out it has been and so on.

To make sure that eggs are one of the foods for gout that help you rather than hurt you free-range eggs are best – and if you can get them farm fresh then that’s even better!

Chickens and many other animals used for industrial farming are injected with all sorts of chemicals to help them grow quicker and produce more, so be aware of this and go free-range.

A great egg recipe to try is a Korean recipe called Kyeran Jim ( Steamed Egg) Check out the video below!

To Your Great and Pain Free Future,



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