Gout Diet 

#Best_Gout_dietHaving a healthy gout diet doesn’t mean living like a monk and surviving on low purine foods.

It doesn’t mean becoming a vegetarian either ( I tried it and that bought me one of the worst of my many gout attacks!)

When we think of the word `diet’ it makes most of us think of being very strict on ourselves and eliminating certain foods. It makes us picture unsatisfying meals and hunger.

A Good Gout Diet…

A good gout diet should do the exact opposite, it should not restrict you. A diet for gout should enable you to live life fully and enjoy a wide range of foods.

But it takes dedication and a lot of education.

 You must understand how different foods affect your gout. It isn’t just a case of avoiding purines.

Although cutting out purines during a gout attack is definitely a good idea!

So many people ask questions about which foods to avoid with gout, and which foods are good for gout, but a good gout diet plan should allow you to eat anything you like.

The best gout diet is a liberal one that has balance between meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy and fats. A gout diet that tries to eliminate all proteins and cut out all purines is doomed to failure. I’ve tried it and even with the bests of intentions it is too difficult.

For many of us, myself included, food is one of the greatest pleasures in life. We get enthusiastic by eating and trying new things.

This is one of the biggest and most depressing things I found about so called `gout diet menus’ and gout diet plans that I tried before.

These plans usually focus on eliminating foods, rather than educating people.

The real problem with a very restrictive gout diet that limits purines and proteins, etc. is that when you break your diet it causes trouble.fish-926108__340

When you take a break from your gout diet your kidneys are not up to the job. They are just not used to eliminating the uric acid that is caused by this increase in purines easily enough.

Every organ in your body works hard to keep you living and breathing, but your kidneys are just like any other muscle.

As the saying goes with weight training and fitness:

`Use it or Lose it’

What this means is that if you don’t use muscle habitually it loses strength. If you have a purine restricted gout diet your kidneys become unused to processing high amounts of uric acid.

As a result when you break your gout diet, the amount of uric acid that floats around your blood increases quite dramatically.

If you have depressed kidney function (as most gout sufferers do) then this sudden increase is like when it rains heavily for several days in a row.

The rivers swell and burst over the banks.

This is the same as when you let yourself off your gout diet plan – the increased amount of purines can suddenly overwhelm your kidney’s ability to cope.

This is not to say that every time you deviate from a restrictive gout diet that you will suffer an attack. But it does mean that your potential for a gout attack is higher.

The best gout diet doesn’t relies on replacing bad choices with wise decisions. A good, solid, reliable gout diet is based on a true education about the causes of gout attacks.

But for now your focus should be on:

  • Incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables

  • Increasing water intake

  • Focussing on whole foods

  • Removing processed foods

  • Educating yourself properly about foods and gout


Now you may well be reading this and thinking, yeah that’s all great but what can I eat? If you’re looking for gout diet recipes then you can find some suggestions here. Also if you like the goutschool.com facebook page, this is regularly updated with food ideas and advice.

With all this said in the modern world we live we must be realists. Sometimes you will not be able to eat the best gout hostile foods to keep the gout monster at bay. It is at times like these that you should  have a back up and with a gout diet an essential part of it is using the right supplements as necessary.

Begin to develop your best gout diet today through a solid education.

To Your Bright and Pain Free Future,