gout and alcoholGout and Alcohol

In my opinion too much alcohol does cause gout, but it is not as black and white as it first appears. Overall gout and alcohol is only really a problem if you don’t respect gout or alcohol enough!

I’m not going to suggest that you should just keep drinking alcohol regardless and hope that your gout will somehow learn to cope with it, because it just won’t. Gout and alcohol tolerate each other but don’t mix well. Too much alcohol will cause gout, but it depends on other factors too.

If you suffer from gout and you drink alcohol this really is a bad combination for two reasons:


1. Alcohol dehydrates you

2. Alcohol dehydrates you

It really is that simple.

As you drink alcohol it feels like you are refreshing your body because you are consuming fluid. But anybody that has ever woken up with a sore head or a dry mouth after a night out knows that the first thing you want is water.

What happens is that all of that liquid we call alcohol is really a perfect storm of nasty for your kidneys. Alcohol makes it more difficult for your kidneys to eliminate uric acid, lactic acid and all other sorts of acidic elements that are waste products. This is the prime reason alcohol causes gout.

The gout and alcohol mystery is all about hydration really, but it is also concerned with the way your body prioritizes waste elimination

It is not that gout and alcohol are enemies, but more because of chronic dehydration or a reduced kidney function by you, the gout sufferer.

Not only is alcohol acidic, but it makes you urinate much more often than usual which means that you lose a lot more fluids this way. This is good and bad as you are urinating out toxins, but with gout and alcohol your kidneys are given a choice.

Excrete uric acid or excrete alcohol…

Your kidneys have to choose alcohol as this is identified as a foreign toxin. Because of this those (more than likely) underperforming kidneys of yours essentially force the uric acid to float around your blood. When the uric acid stays in the blood for too long this allows the uric acid to crystallize and start causing gout attacks.

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Not to mention the fact that when you drink you tend to be less strict on the foods you consume. This then opens the door to even more acidity. As we eat salty, fatty, junk food more often than not!

I have found that no matter what happens with gout and alcohol you really need to get a grip on how much you drink, how often and what else you do to counteract the affects of alcohol.

You should make sure that you pour a good couple of pints of water into your body before drinking and have at least one pint of water before you go to bed.

The more water you drink the less alcohol you’ll be able to drink too!

I kept forgetting to be proactive with alcohol and gout and made this classical gout sufferer Gout and alcoholmistake several times before I got the message:

The More Alcohol You Are Drinking,

The More Water You Should Drink The Day After.

Trying to pretend you’re going to stop drinking alcohol might be a very hard decision to stick to, so personally I say drop the beer.

Beer is the worst news for your kidneys, so switch drinks. I choose apple cider or red wine any day.

Knowing that alcoholic drinks cause gout is one thing, changing your drinking behaviour is something else!

To Your Bright & Gout Free Future

~ Jim