Summer Gout Attacks – How To Avoid Them

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Summer Gout

Avoiding summer gout attacks is not always easy. We are all busy people and often our hectic schedules get in the way of our own efforts to stay healthy. Not only that but the summer is a time for fun, barbeques, vacations, and perhaps a little too much good food and drink. There are pool parties, trips to the beach, vacations and all sorts of other activities that raise the excitement levels and also our sweat levels! Check out the following tips to help dodge the bullet of a summer gout attack.

Stay Hydrated

Summer Gout AttackGout is all about a build up of uric acid mixed with a lack of fluids. As uric acid levels increase, there is a very real risk of crystals forming in your blood. these crystals then get lodged in one of your joints. This causes the swelling and shooting, agonizing pain that gout sufferers know and hate. The simple fact is that the more dehydrated you are, the easier it is for a summer gout attack to sneak up on you. You need to make sure that you are not only eating healthily but watching out for the signs of dehydration. When the weather warms up we all naturally sweat more. This does not necessarily mean you have beads of sweat on your forehead, but just that you feel sticky or hot all the time. Everytime you feel this way it is a sign that you are losing fluids. It is essential to keep drinking water throughout the day to counter-act the increased loss of body fluids that the summer creates.

Add Lemon

A good habit for the summer, is to have a pint of water with a couple of lemons squeezed into it to start the day. This helps prevent summer gout attacks due to the fact that lemons are great for boosting kidney function, digestion and also the immune system. If you start the day this way then you stand a great chance of avoiding swollen toes and inflammed joints.

Carry A Bottle With You

A great thing for the summer is to carry a drinking bottle with you. This way you can fill up on water at coolers at work, save money, but also be able to stay hydrated at the same time. This trick is one of the key things for avoiding a summer gout attack.

Go Fresh

In the summer, fresh fruit, vegetables and organic products are in great supply. Try ditching the meat for a few healthy, alkalizing salads instead. This will also help digestion, make you maybe even lose weight, but also help fight gout. Going fresh also applies to dressings for salads. Store bought dressings are usually high in additives and fats. Making a simple balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing takes moments, is cheap, adds flavour and avoids all the unknowns of store bought dressings.

Watch Your Meat Intake

Most people that have had a gout attack and read up about the causes of gout know to avoid meat. Red meat is often seen as simply a non-nos. However, there is more to meat than meets the eye! It is not just about red meat, but about Summer Gout Attackthe quality of the meat that you eat. In the summer time a barbecue is a favourite weekend get together.

However, it is worth understanding that often the danger is not in the red meat itself so much as in the quality of the meat you eat. Processed foods like burgers, sausages, hotdogs, and also things like store bought sauces and dressings often contain a lot of salt. These dehydrate you and also make your body have to work harder. The key to the summer barbecue is to have quality over quantity. Choose good quality meat and eat less of it or go for something like barbecued mediterranian vegetables instead.

If you want to eat meat then the safest options are things like chicken breasts, pork instead of beef, and white fish like cod.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

We hear it all the time that alcohol causes gout, and this may well be true. But I have found that just simply switching from beer to wine or hard apple cider is a great help. This simple step can reduce the frequency and severity of gout attacks. Remember too that when you drink alcohol that this puts pressure on your kidneys. Your liver and kidneys remove the alcohol from your system. So by reducing or switching to less gout-friendly beverages than beer is a great help that lets you still enjoy yourself.

Be Prepared

Prevention is better than cure as the old addage says. Why not get ready for your barbeque by having a glass of water with a table spoon of organic apple cider vinegar mixed in. This will help alkalize your body and also counter-act some of the negative affects of the barbecue or other summer fun that you have.


To A Gout Free You!



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