Gout Pain Relief

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Gout Pain Relief

Gout Pain Relief www.goutschool.comGout pain relief is a little more complicated than just taking a few pills. Everybody who has gout knows that the pain it causes is merciless and at times overwhelming.
I remember in the dark days of gout when I was curled up on the floor shaking because of the agony that was happening in my knee and Achilles tendon. All the uric acid crystals were poking into my soft blood vessels and making me quite literally tremble in fear!The gout monster was well and truly kicking my a$$!
But, I was determined that I could beat this thing naturally without using any drugs. I decided that this time would be different and I would simply block out the pain and not rely on pharmaceuticals for my gout pain relief – this time.
That illusion didn’t last long!
I eventually (after a few hours of shaking) saw sense and got some Ibuprofen into my system. This did dull the pain slightly but certainly didn’t remove it completely.
I was still unable to straighten my leg properly and the idea of walking up the stairs was laughable at best. So what would you do?
Take more medicine for gout right? The stronger the better is how we are generally taught to think with medicine, if it isn’t working increase the dosage. But for gout it doesn’t work like that. The more you use pharmaceuticals the more problems you could be creating for yourself, and the worse the gout attack could get. Instead of getting any gout pain relief, you could be making things A LOT WORSE.
The problem with gout medicines is that they put quite a heavy burden on your kidneys and liver. These are the 2 vital organs that eliminate the uric acid from your body and because of that, keeping them gout medicine free is one of the best things you can do for gout pain relief.
I know it seems quite counter-intuitive, but the simple fact is that when you take the gout medicine, regardless of how well intentioned you are or how much you need help, your kidneys have a choice – filter out the uric acid, or filer the pharmaceutical compounds.
It chooses the pharmaceuticals and in this way your ability to eliminate uric acid is reduced. So that well intentioned gout pain relief you are attempting may actually end up causing prolonged pain!
I really can’t stress the following point enough:

Taking medicine for gout at the wrong time can actually prolong an attack and make it worse.

With this said, it really is a judgement call between the amount of pain you can handle and how short you want the attack to be.
A free and easy way to handle gout pain is to use breathing techniques.

Inhale deeply through your nose for 5 seconds

Pause for 5 seconds

Exhale through your mouth for 5 seconds

Pause for 5 seconds

Repeat this for 10 minutes or more

As you run through these breathing exercises the amount of gout pain you feel will diminish…


You must concentrate on your breathing and match with it  a picture of something positive.
It could be a memory of a holiday, or a plan you have for next month or next year etc. Whatever Gout_Pain_Reliefit is the more you focus on that positive idea, the less pain you will feel because your mind only holds one picture in place at one time.

I found that this breathing and visualization technique saved me from a lot of the darkness that comes from a gout attack.

I’m not suggesting that this is a permanent fix, but it is a very useful techniques when the drugs, and massive amounts of water that you are drinking just don’t provide ANY gout pain relief.
Other ideas and suggestions for treatment can be found here.

I hope it helps!

To Your Bright Gout Free Future,


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