A Gout Action Plan

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Do you have a gout action plan?

gout action planI remember when I used to first get gout attacks. There seemed to be no reason or rhyme to why I was suddenly experiencing gout pain. Sometimes, yes it was easy to see why I was suffering, other times, the cause was very unclear. I have lost count of how many times a supposed ‘gout diet’ let me down. But after several attacks and a lot of swollen joints and big toe pain, I started to view my nemesis, gouty arthritis differently. I myself spent four years in the army when I was younger and one of the clearest lessons they ever teach is that you must have an action plan for when you get attacked. If the enemy ambush you there are definite immediate actions that you should take depending on the circumstances.
When I started applying this idea to my gout pain and began developing my own personal gout action plan, things got a little easier. I’m not saying that my gout action plan was perfect from day one, but through a lot of trial and error I developed a very effective and clear way of dealing with gout attacks. So my question is really quite How To Spot The Gout Danger Zonesimple, do you have a gout action plan?
Simply stopping eating purine rich foods, or drinking water for gout attacks, was only minimally effective. So was hobbling to the hospital with my foot or toe on fire, waiting for the doctor to prescribe me my gout medication. Gout medicine that was really very hit and miss, sadly more miss than hit.
But I started to take control of gout by developing a gout action plan, that over several years and many painful swollen joints has meant that not only can I spot a gout attack coming on, but also, should gout ambush me
due to the change in seasons, or uncontrollable changes in my daily routine, I can apply my action plan and quite literally begin to neutralize and reduce gout pain in a few hours. I don’t suffer from gout these days, because I learned years ago to not only be vigilant but also to apply my gout action plan at the first suspicion of an attack. This is the key, don’t wait for confirmation by checking to see if your uric acid levels are elevated or by getting confirmation from your doctor. Your gout action plan needs to be put in place at the first suspicion of an attack, not when the attack is fully underway.
This is exactly how the army taught me to act – as soon as you suspect the enemy is in the area, you alter your levels of alertness and become combat ready in mere seconds. I’m not suggesting that I did anything sensational or special, I just started to get much more proactive, rather than passive about my health.
To Your Bright & Gout Free Future!
~ Jim

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