Foods To Avoid With Gout

Okay, here we go…There are so many myths, lies and general confusions out there about what foods to avoid with gout. Traditionally it’s all about purines and so we get given this big long list of the `Do’s and Don’ts’ of foods that cause gout.

Well this list of purine rich foods has been around for a really long time and to be honest, these days there aren’t a lot of people that spend their days and nights munching on steak, liver, venison, duck, pate and red wine and port.

In fact the modern diet is so far removed from this purine list of foods to avoid with gout that it really is quite amazing that the doctors can get away with recommending you stay away from things like:

liver, sweetbreads ,oysters, veal, venison, kidneys, etc.

Now I know that other things are on there too like herring and mackerel, beef and mushrooms, but the fact is for most people that they are far more likely to get their gout attacks as a result of eating things from this list:

Foods To Avoid With Gout

Rather than the traditional purine rich food list.

When did you last eat something like liver?
Foods To Avoid With Gout

If you’re like most gout sufferers the answer is probably…never!

For most people these days things like liver and kidney are not just foods to avoid with gout, but foods to avoid permanently!

The modern diet is more about chemically made junk and processed nasty than it is whole foods. Foods that are yes perhaps rich in purines, but if eaten sparingly and cooked in the right way will cause absolutely no problems for you what so ever!

Processed junk is definitely heading my list of foods to avoid with gout. Processed food is not so sudden as a steak or mackerel in our diet but is more like a slow, repeated chopping motion that eventually cuts the tree down or triggers the gout attack.

The problem for most people is that because it is the build up of all this toxic nonsense that causes their gout rather than one particular food, then the goutee tends to blame that food for their attack rather than looking at the big picture. The habitual diet of processed ready meals and sauces, canned foods and things that you haven’t made yourself.

 Foods To Avoid With Gout

 When did you last eat something like ready made onion rings or chicken wings?


Other foods to avoid with gout are all the ridiculous sugary beverages which are loaded with chemicals, colourings, sweeteners and all sorts of other junk.

All diet sodas need to get that sweetness from somewhere and as a result they look to chemical additives, one of the most widely used and highly toxic is aspartame. Aspartame is actually the ground up faeces of the bacteria Ecoli – that’s right bacterial do-do!

This has been linked to all sorts of health problems, and while it may not be directly linked to gout diet sodas should not be used to replace normal sodas – instead get some good quality water into your system!

The problems with diet are explained much more fully in the best selling

Stop Your Gout Pain Now! book.

Gout is undeniably all about uric acid crystals in your blood that cause swollen joints and gout pain. But when we consider foods to avoid with gout we have to widen our understanding. It is not just about the uric acid, it is about how easily your body can process everything that the food contains.

All of these additives are just excess trouble that although there may be scant data available to support their gout causing properties, what we do know is they are toxic overall for your body. Anything that is toxic will impede kidney, liver and health functions and in this indirect way affects your body’s ability to fight gout and win.

To Your Bright and Gout Pain Free Future,

~ Jim