Fasting and Gout

Perhaps you’ve read elsewhere that gout is related to being overweight so you think that fasting and gout may be the best thing to do?

Perhaps your doctor has advised you to lose a few pounds to improve your overall health?

One thing is for sure though and that is, fasting and gout sufferers don’t mix and it could well bring on the mother of all gout attacks!

I did this several years ago when my wife decided we should get healthy. There we were in about day 3 of a week long fast and feeling pretty good to be perfectly honest. I’d dropped a few pounds and my body was feeling great.

Then WHAM!

Like an express train hitting a truck I got taken out by gout. It didn’t really give any warning signs that it Fasting and goutwas coming and when it hit it just kept getting worse and worse and worse.

One of the worst gout attacks I ever had was due to fasting. Fasting and gout just don’t mix, it really is like playing tennis with eggs – it’s just going to get messy!

It was one of those attacks which knocks you to the ground and then just keeps on knocking!

Back in my early twenties I studied and became a personal trainer and I’d learnt all about nutrition, body building, fitness levels, diets etc. But I didn’t learn about gout! At the beginning of the millennium gout wasn’t anywhere near as common as it is today, so it was never something that was studied in any great depth.

Basically what happens when you go on a diet, or  begin a fast which is an extreme way of dieting, your body needs to get calories from somewhere. In the absence of food it does this by attacking your muscle tissue first and then your fat.  As it breaks down your muscle tissue this produces lactic acid and ketone bodies.

Now lactic acid needs eliminating just like uric acid and this is the job of your kidneys. However because there is so much muscle breakdown, this overloads your system and makes it far too difficult for your kidneys to function properly.

This then leads to build up of uric acid and lactic acid in your system and this creates a very gout friendly environment. This is why fasting and gout is a very painful combination, as discussed elsewhere on this site, kidney function is most often depressed in gout sufferers.

A great kidney function boosting supplement is available here.

Fasting and GoutSo fasting and gout is almost a guaranteed gout attack making scenario, unless you are fully out of the gout danger zone and even then there really is no way of telling if you will suffer an attack or not.

When you fast, this body environment allows gout to take a hold of your system and because your blood and muscle tissues are flooded with acidic waste you get a severely painful, long lasting gout attack. If this is where you’re at, the gout stopping formula in Stop Your Gout Pain Now! can help.

This method of breaking down muscle first is because your body keeps the fat as it is higher in stored energy.

Accidental Fasting

Breakfast is made of two words and means to `break your fast’ in other words to eat again after a long time without food (overnight). However, these days we are busy people and often skip the morning meal so we can stay in bed those 5 minutes longer or get to work on time and miss the traffic.

By doing this you could well trigger the breakdown of muscle tissues and as a resut trigger a fasting gout scenario is building which could trigger a related gout attack without you even knowing it!