Big Toe Gout

Big toe gout doesn’t have to be this way! For most people, especially men their first gout attack is a bigbig toe gout toe gout attack. It hits out of nowhere like a freight train full of pain. You are left wondering if you accidentally dropped a bowling ball on your foot or kicked a wall or something.

With big toe gout, your toe suddenly takes on a life of its own. It throbs, aches and swells and gets very painful. When suffering big toe gout, it goes stiff and the pain grows. Big toe gout goes from a dull ache to a deafening roar as the gout attack progresses. It is very hot to touch and even the slightest pressure can cause immense pain.

Wearing shoes, socks or even resting a blanket on top of your big toe can be terribly uncomfortable. The swollen joint causes sleep loss, days of work, physical and emotional pain.

For the majority of people that suffer from gout, big toe gout will not be the primary location all the time. I used to have gout attacks in my toes, ankles, Achilles, calf muscle, knee and up to my hands and ribs.

It is a terrible shock as the gout monster seems to show up at random.

This is not actually true, there are signs that a gout attack is on the way long before you experience any pain. For more information click here

It can be that like in big toe gout, your pain is isolated to the one joint for attack after attack. For many people though, gout likes to move.

I remember my gout attacks as the condition progressed through the years. What became obvious was that a single flare up would not stay still.

Attacks would often start with big toe gout in my left or right foot and then move – sometimes even switching to the opposite foot!

Gout really is a tricky monster to deal with.

If you are suffering your first big toe gout attack and wonder if that is it for you – a future of painful toes await – guess again!

It is only just the beginning for unless you get a grip on the your gout causes and how to deal with it properly you will find that your attacks will sadly get worse and worse. Big toe gout will evolve into other problems.

big toe gout